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We can offer a full service fleetmanagement of your container fleet.

Save capex costs and outsource logistic handling of your container fleet.

We offer a pay per use business model starting with a fleet size of 20 container - even with your existing containers.

Clients can choose between a rental concept with rental durations starting at 1 month / 1 container or a fully managed fleet management program.

We create..

- a digital twin of all your containers

- total chain transparency

- less business interruptions

- enhanced delivery ability and delivery


- significant cost savings

- motivation to share data digitally

- ioT data management

We …

- manage all your container SCM activities to your customer / from your cell culture manufacturer incl. the return way

- manage your working capital & buy your existing containers

- clean containers according to your cleaning specs

- maintain & repair container safter every loop

We can offer additional services…

- such as the procurement of bioprocessing bags of the leading bag manufacturers as part of the fleet service

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