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Plastic containers from all known OEM conainer manufacturers available.

Geometry can be adapted to all available biopharma / cell culture bag sizes & customer´s needs.

Container can be adpated such as the integration of second set of skids, flexible bottom / top Drain / opening flap positions.

250, 500 and 1000l container available


•Different OEM suppliers from Germany available

•Customization made in Germany

•Customization according to customer needs


•Programmable sensors with AI

•Connectivity by Sigfox, Lora, Narrowband IoT, 5G/LTE…

•IoT sensor connect incl. Software system: Delivers status of container (flap status / empty / full / temperature/ gyro, etc.),  GPS

Liqvatainer_1000l_Side FREI.gif
23. November 2021-7_klein Kopie.gif
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